Monday, November 17, 2008


Surgery went well, very fast and no complications!!!



Fede y mamá Jesi said...

Good!! Go Carol Go!!!

KariAnne Deines and Benny Clark said...

Love when you have great news to share!

marie bailey said...

Thank you! I said lots of prayers so...thank you Jesus!

Stephanie said...

Great to hear. Thanks for the update..was thinking of her all day. Send her my love.


bobbinoggin said...

oh good. that is a relief. thank you for letting us know.

Darcy "bow makin mamma" said...

Glad things went well! You guys are amazing!

Candie said...

That's awesome news!!! :-)

fern said...

I just read back through a bunch of posts, catching up, and I am overwhelmed with how proud I am of both of you. You seem like you have a great give-and-take between the two of you. And even more than that, you both must be such highly motivated people. You have accomplished so much in such a short time. You guys are awesome! Go Team Carol!!

a stranger in Ohio

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Awesome, Scott. Keep listening to your gut! It's been correct, time after time.

We're happy to hear that the procedure went well.

Talk soon.

Ally & Pete

Molly said...

Great news and I wish you speedy recovery !!!

Molly in BC

Pauline said...

Glad to hear things went ok. Your recovery is remarkable Carol!
Lots of Luv

hatch said...

I am so happy to hear that things went well! Carol you are awesome!

sara koen said...

so glad to hear that things went well.

love you guys!


The girls from Auburn said...

Thank you God, Please let her have a speedy recovery!

Scott,I would be interested in possibly doing an online fundraiser for too for Carol. Could you please let me know how I go about doing so?
thanks so much,
Courtney Shank

Tracy Alter said...

Carol & Scott,

I am so glad the surgery went well! I think about you all of the time!!



The girls from Auburn said...
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The girls from Auburn said...
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