Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Carol's week is going well, although she is very much wanting next Wednesday to be here ASAP. Our nanny Erin has taken the girls to see Carol every Monday and Wednesday the last 2 or 3 weeks, which is great. It really seems to keep Carol going. Carol got to try out a mono-ski and have some training on that set up for her sometime this winter at one of the local hills (with the help of a trainer and navigator). She is pretty excited about learning a new way to get down the mountain. Her legs have really shrunk this week, which is a good thing. Not that they were big, but just means her recovery/swelling is moving along. She appears to be having some endocrine issues. Like I was talking about back at Swedish. They are looking into some pituitary or adrenal insufficiency issues. She is having some temperature regulation issues, and others I don't wish to go into. So an endocrinologist is looking into some test this week as well.
She is keeping up with her goals. I think we are both excited to get this hospital bit behind us for awhile, and move on while her legs and arms are still atrophying, to adjusting more fully to a life back at home, and further learning of how to do all the things she used to.

I guess it's Halloween this weekend. I need to go get some candy, and somehow figure out how to get Chloe into her bumble bee outfit:). Thanks again everyone for all of your continued support. We very much appreciate it. Cool article on the Today show about arm transplants to the woman who had the same thing happen to Carol. I don't think Carol is healthy enough for anything like that now, but who know what the future holds. Hopefully those transplant will become everyday occurences in the future.

All the best


Nancy Armstrong said...

So glad you saw the Today show article...I immediately thought of you guys when I saw it. Who knows what the future holds!

Jennifer said...

Hi there - I just wanted you to know that Nov. 1-8th, I am giving 50% of monies made in my etsy and online shop to carol. Happy Holidays!

Reenie said...

Scott ~ I'm so glad for the update. Sounds like Carol is progressing well.

My thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

lisa said...

I am so happy to hear of all the progress that Carol has made lately. I am not suprised about the ski training. I can just see Carol flying down the mountain-she loves the winter time. Love you and miss you Carol more than you will ever know. Lisa

DG Darling said...

Just wondering if Carol has had any luck with getting some vision back. Your cute family is in my prayers daily!

Scott & Carol Decker said...

No changes visually. Thanks Jennifer!


marie bailey said...

Thanks for the update! Praying for the entire family a lot lately!!! You are all so amazing an a great inspiration to all who hear your story!

Love, Prayers and Hugs,

loriakin7 said...

Hi Scott,
We don't know each other but we are neighbors. I live on Hunter Court. Our hearts go out to you. The reason that I am writing, is that I have a small house cleaning business, and I would like to offer you my services at no charge. I use mostly non-toxic/all natural cleaning products. I would be happy to provide you with as many references as you would like. Please let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in. My clients find it very relaxing to come home to a clean home so they can have more time to relax and enjoy their family time. My home number is 802-4694 and my cell number is 425-765-9261.
With Warm Regards,
Lori Akin

Amy Storch said...

I have a lot of respect and confidence in Carol's endocrinologist. I hope he can help make all the right adjustments and get Carol on the right track.

I hope you will post pictures of the girls in their costumes.

Happy Halloween.

marie bailey said...

Happy Halloween!

Hope Carol and the girls had a fun time! Makenna went as a baby with a friend. Funny when they are
"10" it is so different! :) Praying always and thinking of all of you!

Much Love and Hugs,
Marie & Makenna

Shane and Michelle said...

Scott, there's a homeopathic remedy called, "thyroid support"'s got a blue label on it. I works on the glandular system as a whole. It works better than any thyroid pill i've ever taken.

Shane and Michelle said...

but not to say endocrinologist won't help either! I've just noticed a huge difference when I take the Thyroid Support formula. Immediately changes my whole physical state (normal energy back, temperature normal, muscles stop spasming, sleep sound. Also would be good to check her other hormones--progesterone/estrogen. If progesterone is low,(which happens all the time, especially to child bearing mothers) it can really make you feel lousy!

leslie said...

hi scott, i've just found your family through jen (see second comment on this post) and i'm overwhelmed by how courageous and positive you all have been throughout this ordeal. i make handmade soft toys and would love to send your girls something - can you let me know an address i can post to?