Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Half way through week 1 in rehab. The rehab is going great, Carol's attitude is excellent, and her sense of humor it great aswell. A couple things different than we expected prosthesis wise but overall great. The staff is great, the facility is great. The goal from 6-8 weeks of rehab has been shrunk to 4 weeks. Major goals are getting on feet, daily tasks like showering, brushing, that kind of thing. Many other goals to many to list, but basically getting back to doing most things as before. She showered herself by herself today, brushed her own teeth today, got out of bed into a wheel chair today. So things are going well, she is very motivated.

She will get to come on the weekends which is cool. We are going out to a concert at Benaroya hall this sunday. Should be good to get out. Thanks for all the meals this week everyone. The tupperware and dish situation is getting out of control....I need a labelmaker or something to keep it all straight:)



hatch said...

Scott and Carol it is sooo good to hear how things are going. I am very impressed, but not at all surprised by all that you are doing. Your strong spirit just shines through!
Love you,

Just me! said...

How is her eye sight doing?

Ally Van Leuvan said...

So wonderful to hear, Scott! Having some independence will be so healing. We'll give a call over the weekend.

Ally & Pete

Stephanie said...

Great news! Enjoy your night out this weekend! I'll try to call Carol on her cell soon.


Laura Solomon said...

How remarkable. What great news to know she is such a motivated powerful woman. FYI---> My best pal is Danny Heumann. He is a motivational speaker. You can find him at Listen to his story. Although it differs from your wife's story...the general motivation, persistance and attitude required are the same. I will volunteer him to talk to her (or you) if you like.
xox Laura Solomon

Lori said...

Sounds like Carol's making great progress. I bet it feels so good to be able to do a few things by herself. Tell her great job. She's amazing! Have fun at your concert.

Jaina said...

I'm glad things are looking positive, her attitude is going to play such a key role in her healing. I'm glad you're taking her to a concert, that should be lots of fun.

KariAnne Deines and Benny Clark said...

Such fantastic news! Have a great time at the concert, that will be such a blast for you both and much needed I am sure.

Luv n' Hugs, Kari

Extraordinary Housewife said...

I do not know Carol, but can't help being touched by her incredible spirit. I am so impressed by her upbeat attitude and die-hard, kick-fanny work ethic. To cut two weeks off of rehab is amazing. She's pushing those therapists to their limits. I love it and am very proud of her. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Scott & Carol Decker said...

Laura, please give me a call or email with your information so we can discuss the speaker if possible.

Scott 206714-6284 thanks

Bartel's said...

Not sure if you watched the Oprah show about the woman whom experienced something similar to Carol. Just in case you were interested, here's a link to the story:

I hope things are going as well as possible. We're praying for you & you're family!

Bartel's said...

sorry, here's the link again

erin said...

I will get you the label maker tonight...remind me to actually give it to you though. I always forget that crucial step!! See ya later Scott.
Carol--whoo-hooo!!!! You can't say you don't rock now with all that you are re-learning to do. You go girl. I will be up to visit today or tomorrow. Love ya!

Tracy Alter said...

Scott and Carol,

I am very excited to hear about the progress!!!! Have fun at the concert! I remember the Boston days when you guys used to frequent fun shows.


Amy Storch said...

Carol is the bomb! I had a funny dream about her last night. It went along the theme of her accomplishing more, faster.