Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Carol is doing pretty well this week. Yesterday she walked about 165 feet/steps on her new training feet. She got a blister on her leg so, they kept her off of them today, and worked on things like playing with the girls on the ground, and feeding herself, and feeding the baby. Tomorrow will be another team meeting in the afternoon. As I expected, there is some talk of having her stay another week. Carol and I both have mixed feelings about that, but both thought this was coming, as many of her goals have not quite been met, and it starting to fee (to us)l as if she will need to rush to get things learned. I think this shows in how tired she was lat week, and over the weekend.

Her med's are changing a bit, due to some side effect we want to stop. Hair loss has been an ominous concern, but I think I have figured the offender and had them stop giving it to her. They are also checking her blood for thyroid issues. Overall her spirits seem much better this week.

I can't remember if I wrote about it, but Carol goes to an amputee meeting with other amputees on Tuesdays. One of the other people in her group made a stuffed animal bear for Chloe that has removable feet and left arm. Chloe has been playing with that alot when I get home, and seems to have been very instructive over the weekend. She would try and take the foot and put it on Carol. She get's it....Safiya just loves spending time with her. They took a few hour nap together on Sunday.....They slept so long I had to wake them up.

Her permanent wheel chair will get ordered and fitted this Thursday. Her initial left arm will be delivered tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks again everyone



erin said...

Carol you looked SO amazing this weekend...your spirits were amazing. And to see you on your "feet" again was awesome!! You seriously rock little woman. And thanks for telling me I "felt" great...I am trying :-) I love you!!!!

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Such a positive entry, Scott. Thank you for keeping us up to date. We can't imagine how hard it must be for Carol to be away from the girls and you, and for you to have her gone......but if another week ends up giving her better skills and knowledge, it sounds like it would be for the best.

We feel honored to have friends with such courageous characters.

Glad things are moving along.

Talk with you soon.

Ally & Pete

Stephanie said...

I spoke to Carol yesterday...she sounded great!! In the grand scheme of things, one more week isn't a huge deal...especially since she'll be home for the holidays. I think she knows that...even though she wants to be home with you all so much.

What a great idea about the bear for Chloe! That is fantastic. Little ones...they are amazing! Your girls will grow up to be as strong, loyal, loving and kind as the two of you!

Stephanie and Family

Lori said...

So many steps that's awesome. Glad things are moving along. Hope she makes to all her goals. What a woman. such a touching little story about Chloe, sounds like she's understanding. Love that Carol got a nap with Safiya. Nothing better then naping with a sleeping baby.

bobbinoggin said...

glad to know carol is coming along in progress.

my best,

marie bailey said...

That's great news Carol!!! You continue to amaze me with such great strength! That was so sweet of the person to give Chloe the bear so she can really understand what is going on. Thanks for the updates Scott!

Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Kinda odd to hear, yet such joyous news that her arm will be delivered. Can't wait for an update. How exciting to hear such positive progress!

Pauline said...

Keep up the good work Carol. That is so cute about Chloe's bear- that is such a great idea. Glad to hear you will be home soon. Always thinkin of you.