Sunday, October 12, 2008


A stressfull weekend for sure, but one that worked out well. Nice to get the whole family together, but traveling was bit of a challenge at times. Even with alot of help. Shawn's funeral service was probably the most moving and best funeral service I have been to, not that I have been to that many. In a way it almost seemed all the events over the weekend were partially for Carol as well. It was the first time going home since all this happened to her, and the first time seeing many of her extended family and old time friends. Many of Shawn's friends are/were good friends of Carol's aswell. There was a dinner after the funeral. Carol was the last one getting done eating due to the many many people coming to say hello to her. They literally were cleaning the place up as she was finishing eating.

No snow, and the rv thing was no problem. Drove like a big moving truck, which Carol and I have alot of experience with. I got Carol back to Harborview around 7:30 tonight. She is ready to get things going, but not to happy to be back at the hospital. She should be getting her initial feet prosthetics early this week, so that is exciting. There are alot of goals in this rehab that still need to be met in order to meet her lofty goal of getting out on the 29th of this month. She is nervous about that, but ready to go.

Chloe and Safiya did really well over the weekend. Safiya slept almost the whole way home. We put on Finding Nemo in the RV and Chloe, was pretty much all set for the ride home. Heath drove the last half of the way, so I was able to take care of them.

We got the voice quilt in the mail, when I got home. Carol and I listened to that on the 1 hour drive up to the city. Very nice to hear all of your voices....Carol loved it. Thanks so much for putting that together for her. Carol really misses all of her Boston friends, as do I. It definitely made her day, and made the ride up to the city easy.

So heres to another week of daily improvements!!



Stephanie said...

YEAH...I am so happy that she liked the VoiceQuilt!! I was nervous about it all weekend--knowing that it got delivered the same weekend as Shawn's funeral. I really hope it brought some laughs to both of you, too.

Good to hear that you are all got back safely. I'll try calling Carol this week. Cell phone at rehab?

Stephanie and family

Christina said...

I've been following your story for several weeks now and I am just so inspired by the courage you and Carol display on a daily basis.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all, especially after the loss of Carol's brother. God bless.

marie bailey said...

Hi Scott and Carol!

As always, love the updates. It was good to see you both over the weekend from a distance.:) Kristina and I didn't go to the dinner. Darla was very sweet to invite us. It was hard to attend the for all,without mentioning the other stuff - I'm sure you know what I mean. Kristina and I went to eat, packed up and left for Seattle. Spent the rest of the weekend in the city. An extremely emotional weekend. I agree with you, the best funeral I've/we ever attended as well. Always praying and love how well you are doing Carol! What an amazing family!

Love and Hugs,

lisa said...

It was so amazing to spend some personal time with Carol this weekend. I just hate living so far away. It was so hard for me to leave her as I feel that she is part of me. I love and miss you so much babe. Good luck this week with your rehab. Love you always, Lisa.

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Hooray! We are thrilled she liked the voice quilt! Steph and I had a blast doing our parts :)

Glad you didn't have snow going through the pass in the RV.

We'll give you a call this week.

Ally & Pete

Jodi said...

I have to agree too - Shawn's funeral was very moving. Harry and Heath did an amazing job. And it was great seeing Carol (although I wish it was under different circumstances) - she looked beautiful! She's truly amazing!