Monday, August 3, 2009


Well we had another weekend of firsts. A different type though. We went out to the mall and out to lunch, just the four of us....might seem little, but something I have feared doing since all this started. It went pretty well, lunch had a couple minor fiascos, but we all got food.

Carol is doing pretty good....her right leg is fitting a bit better again, and she using it as much as she can. Her right leg bone spur seems to be hurting though a bit when she walks, limiting the amount of time she spends on them. We are trying to decide on the timing of having this last surgery done. It's hard to want to go through all of that again, but at the same it would be nice once it is over, based on how much better her left leg feels since having the spur removed on it. Carol is getting more interested in different types of prosthetics. Up until now, her legs are the type that are very tried and true, that have been the standard of care for quite some time. She is showing interest in vacuum retained legs, and other things. She wants to have the other leg surgery before going to something like maybe another year or so.

We went to the tricities a couple weekends ago, to see all the inlaws, and see the hydroplane races. The trip also went very well. Gradually we are venturing out and trying to do many of the things we used to.

Carol turns 34 this friday.....we have a much better birthday plan for her this year. Last year she was at Harborview, and barely remembers it.


Reenie said...

Scott, thanx for the update. I've been wondering how y'all were doing.

My continued thoughts and prayers are with Carol, you and your family.

Life is good! said...

i hope carols birthday is a wonderful day!!!

Janel said...

A silent lurker here, but I am a huge fan of Carol's. Carol, you are amazing and beautiful, strong and incredible. I love this about you. What you have overcome and continue to overcome, just leaves me in awe. In my work career, I once took care of a woman who lost the exact same things as you, though she had her vision. She was married with two small babies at home too. I got to see her overcome and she too is amazing. She does everything she did before, just in a different way. My point is, you are still you. You are still Carol. And that is just beautiful to me, as are you.

Happy Birthday! Wishing you cupcakes with spinkles!

Dawn said...

I have followed your blog for over year and I am amazed at Carol's progress. What a pleasure it has been to watch her FIGHT and win slowly! You have 2 beautiful little girls too and I am thrilled that you are enjoying them and venturing out as hard as it may be. Keep up the great work and the forward progress. I am constantly cheering you on!

KariAnne and Benny said...

OMG Safiya...she's getting big so fast. What an adorable little sweetie she is.

Shane and Michelle said...

Carol, it is fun to learn that your birthday is the 7th! Mine is on the 7th too. Lucky #7, huh? Hope you have a great day! CUTE sunglasses!

A New England Life said...

So nice to see Carol's beautiful smile. Though I'm sure she still has some tough days, there is a vast improvement from last year. She is blessed with a loving and strong family.

The girls are getting so big! They're both just beautiful and I'm sure helpful to their mom.

I always appreciate your updates. My best to you Carol and I hope that the surgeries will soon be OVER!


Laura Solomon said...

Another lurker.
What a difference a year makes! Your family is miraculous!

Jhon said...

I am thrilled that you are enjoying them and venturing out as hard as it may be. Keep up the great work and the forward progress.

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