Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well a decent weekend. A weekend of first for the kids. Safiya took her first steps...I am convinced it will be less than a week before she is running around the place. Carol and Safiya have a really great relationship going's been a work in progress and something Carol works at daily, and continues to. It's great to see. Safiya also gave me her first high-five, and said thank you tonight. I didn't see it as much with Chloe because Carol handled everything almost her first year, but it's crazy seeing your little baby grow up and make a change from nonspeaking little hobbit to a littler person:) Chloe, went poopoo in the potty for the first time as well. Carol is doing great, has a friend from high school over for a few days. Erica......the person who has put on a couple auctions....she has done so much for us. Thanks everyone



Kellie said...

potty training and walking, you continue to have your hands full!! I so wish we were closer so we could get the kids together. Carol enjoy your time with erica, we've been impressed by her this year too! must be a special friendship!

Jenny said...

Tiny miracles, a little at a time. You are an inspiration--Life really is good!Keep up the good work!

sara said...

awwww! yea for safiya and chloe!


kevlar said...

Hello Scott and Carol!
I have been looking for a way to send you an email in a non-comment type of format, but I can't seem to make it happen. I will be brief: I grew up in the Tri-Cities and have been friends with Shawn and Heath since the mid-1980's. I was pretty devastated when I heard about Shawn, yet I did not make it to the funeral. I live in Washington State now, and would like to contact some of the people who were close with Shawn (i.e. Carol and yourself, Heath, ect.). I will keep it to emails, I just have a few things to say and some old photos to scan and send you.

Please, when convenient, send an email to with a return email address.

I have read almost every post you have written since Summer of 2008. Even now I am a loss for words.
I have erased about 6 sentences worth of closing comments, so I'll just say goodbye for now.

Take care please,

Kevin Lawr
Seattle, WA

sarapoe said...

Way to go Decker fam!

Pauline said...

OOOH that is so great to here. Glad the kids are doing well. Walkin, talkin, and poo poo in the potty...those days are great! Now I am dealing with pre-puberty attitudes from the 9 yr old and PMS from the 14 yr old. At least I don't have to deal with that from the little one biggest thing is trying to get sleep cuz she is in my darn bed every night LOL! Hope everything going well. Miss you so much and always thinkin of you.


Little Lovables said...

It's so good to hear that things are looking up everyday!