Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Erica wanted me to post about a vioce-quilt cd being put together for Carol. Here is her message.

Hey Scott! I wondered if you would mind putting something on the blog about another VoiceQuilt cd we're doing if you get a spare minute? I have it on the Auction blog and have sent out emails but thought maybe those that follow your blog might want to contribute their messages to Carol as well? Here's the info..
Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!
Thanks! Erica

To Record a Message
Contributing to the VoiceQuilt is easy -- just follow these three steps:
1) Call 1-877-OurQuilt (1-877-687-7845).
If calling from outside the U.S., see below for special instructions.
2) When asked for your invitation number, enter 73394.
3) Leave your message, just as if you were leaving a voicemail.
When you finish speaking, hang up or press # for more options.

Please help us create a wonderful surprise for Carol Vance Decker by calling the toll-free number below with birthday greetings and a special memory!

Our deadline is Aug 7, 2009. Please call today!

Just think of it as a toast -- a funny story, a shared memory or a favorite quote. Mention your name at the beginning so that we know who is speaking. It's easy and Carol ill love hearing from you.

After everyone has called in, I'll arrange the messages into a playlist or "VoiceQuilt". Then, it will be gifted to Carol as a special keepsake.

Thanks in advance for helping us create this very special gift.
- Erica

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Jhon said...

That great sharing, Sure I will try for that. hope everything going good.

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