Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well it has been some time so I think I should catch everyone up on what has been going on with us. I have tried to leave a couple posts in the last couple month (lengthy ones) that have gotten erased somehow. It's unmotivating to do it again for some reason. Here's hoping I have better luck here. So first Carol: She is doing well. The main reason for the slowdown in updates, is generally because of the slowdown in progress. I mean that in a good way actually. mainly I think what Carol is doing lately is becoming much more independent. She rarely uses her wheelchair nowadays. She is getting a new leg today actually, I can't remember which one. We haven't had the last surgery on her right leg, mostly becuase Carol's extended family has been having alot of health issues themselves, and Carol didn't want to be in the hospital at the same time. Carol's mom had a heart surgery and a couple of her aunts have cancer, and her stepmom had cancer as well. So crazy couple years for her family to say the least. What else......we have been very busy with work, and getting our house ready to move into, which is moving very very slowly. We are moving into it next month even though it is not technically ready.

At the beginning of the year Chloe started a ballet class here in town. They had a recital in March I think. I tried to attach the video, unsuccessfully. She did great, but was hilarious. Chloe is 3 now, and Safiya will turn 2 in June. That will be the 2 year reunion of Carol getting sick. Safiya talks very well for her age, saying lots of please and to much "no thank you's" if you ask me:)

I am doing good too!! Gotta run

Thanks for all the support



A New England Life said...

Nice to hear the girls are doing well, and I hope things go smoothly transitioning into the new home.

Your family has come so far in the past two years. I hope time continues to improve things all the way around. Please give Carol my best. She is one tough lady.


Butternut Sage Designs said...

so good to hear you are all well....I love the way you talk to us Scott....don't stay away so long next time huh!

Shane and Michelle said...

Thanks for the update. Carol is amazing, she's my hero.

Ally Van Leuvan said...
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Ally Van Leuvan said...

It sounds like life is moving right along.

Love you guys!!


Kellie said...

Scott you are wonderful, thank you for the update, I check in often. Please send our best to Carol and tell her how beautiful she looks in the new picture. The girls are growing up quickly, I still wished we lived closer so our kids could play! Best, Kellie