Friday, February 5, 2010



sara said...

chloe is HUGE! amazing.

Kellie said...


The Novelist said...

Very cute!

Willow said...

rockstar! or diva? :)

Tomjay said...


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just said...

how do u do?

Alessandra Brescia said...

Hi Scott and Carol,
I just wanted to drop a note to say once again what a beautiful family you are, an inspiration to everyone. I wish you guys many good and happy days, you are raising two wonderful girls and deserve much love and admiration from all of us,

Little Lovables said...

Very sweet! I just wanted to drop by and see how Carol is doing and give ou all my best wishes.

Anonymous said...

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Julieann said...

Hope all is well. I really miss your updates!

Blessings to your beautiful family!