Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3/18/09 my mothers prodding I need to update everyone:) Work, and life has been really busy. Carol has been making lots of strides with her rehab. Her walking is unbelievable. She has been walking up stairs walking around the house by herself and really pushing herself in everyway she can. Last weekend was our 11 year anniversary, and we found some time to go out to dinner and leave the girls with some family. Safiya is officially mobile, so baby proofing has been stepped up at the house. Chloe was very cautious about everything and still is. Safiya isn't afraid of anything and will stick anything in her mouth, etc.

After a very busy week at work, we are off to Seattle for surgery tomorrow. Well Carol is having surgery, we are just there for support. We have it all arranged with care for the girl and house and everything. Carol will have her left arm and left leg revised tomorrow. She is supposed to be coming home on Monday. So every wish her well if you get the chance. She is nervous, but ready to get this thing done. It's def time. The limbs have really been bothering her, but she has been pushing through it. She will have a cast on her leg, and rehab without walls have adjusted her wheelchair to accomodate that. So rehab therapies are on a bit of hold for a few weeks. ok I need to pack. feel free to call Carol or stop by harborview if you want to visit!!



Molly said...

Carol good luck and speedy recovery, you're such a trooper !!
molly, bc

Lori said...

Thanks, Scott, for keeping all of us updated.
It's hard being so far away but what an encouraged to hear how well CArol is doing!
We will be praying for a quick recovery and great success today for Carol and her surgery.
We will be in town in a couple of weeks and would love to visit all of you.
We'll let you know when we're coming.
God bless you and yours, Scott.

Lori Jaeger
(cousin from Tri-cities)

Kera said...

Carol, you are such a strong woman. I will be thinking of you during your recovery and cant wait till you return to therapy with Dan. You inspire many of my patients here at Outpatient Physical Therapy to strive to your level of courage and strength. You amaze me with your integrity and positive outlook on life. Goodluck to you and hope to see you soon.
Kera Scott, OPT

marie said...

Always praying and thinking about you! Way to stay positive. Thanks again Scott for the updates.

Love and Hugs,

Benny and KariAnne said...

I can't believe your wedding was 11 years ago...where does the time go? So glad to hear about your walking and getting around Carol! You'll be back at it in no time. Here's to a smooth next few days. Luvs!

Candie said...

Here's to a smooth surgery and back at it in no time at all! As always I'm thinking of you and your family.

lisa said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well. Carol is the strongest person that I have ever met and I am so thankful that she has been such a big part of my life. Love you Carol. Looking forward to visiting soon.

Kellie said...

Hope recovery from the surgery is going well. We think of you often. Love, the walgreens

Heather said...

I'm over in Scotland with a one year old and a three year old. Those mobile one-year-olds do keep us busy, eh!

Congratulations on your 11th anniversary. (My husband and I will be celebrating ours later this year.)