Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well Carol has really been rockn the last week or two. She has really been trying to step it up in her recovery. My guess is that she knows she is going to be laid up for a few weeks, so she is really pushing herself. Her balance on her legs and doing things has really gotten better, and her pain has seemed to decrease due to some new med's....Carol went to costco with Heath today after PT in covington. She was stopped by three different people that explained that she didn't know them but they knew of her and follow her story....crazy.

Thanks for all the dinners the last few weeks. I don't know who is doing it per se, but thanks. It makes things so much easier on me, I can't even tell you.

Thanks for the card Jacqui......we think of you often and plan to stop by sometime soon to visit you all at Swedish:)



marie said...

Thanks Scott for sharing! Truly, so many people know of Carol. That is so cool that she was out at Costco too. She truly looks amazing...all of you do.:) She is touching so many people too. Way to stay strong and keep moving to the future.

All the best, with lots of prayers and well wishes!

Amanda said...

There are a lot of people thinking of you and Carol and the girls. I know I've thought of you since I first heard the story last summer. And my mom, in North Carolina, asks about you all every now and then when we talk on the phone. You are all in our prayers and I truly appreciate that you would share your story (and therefore share your strength and love for each other) with others.

Ally Van Leuvan said...

It's so good to hear she is putting in all of this energy to rehab. The stronger she goes into these surgeries, the quicker she'll get back to where she is. Scott, we are so pleased that people who live closer are helping you out with meals. It's good to know that the community is supporting you guys through this. We are thinking of you both. Please tell Carol hello for us!

Love you,
Ally & Pete

Pauline said...

Glad to hear things going good. Hope the surgery goes well. Tell Carol I love her and am thinking of her.


Shane and Michelle said...

I am so happy that Carol's pain is getting better! Carol is so beautiful and is an inspiration to so many people!