Friday, December 5, 2008


Another good progressing week has come and gone. Carol is looking forward to a relaxing weekend. She had a couple visits up in Seattle this week. One with the doctors at the burn unit at Harborview to discuss her pain around her grafted areas. Basically this is normal, as the new skin and new nerves are regenerating in those areas. It is supposed to pass in a couple months. We are working on other remedies for her phantom pain. We had our office Christmas party up in Seattle last night. After a conversation Carol had with someone, it made me think of something I haven't maybe talked about. When I say phantom nerve pain, what I mean is that at times her feet hurt. She really feels like her amputated limbs hurt at times. This is especially bad in her or what was left hand. Apparently your nerves often feel the way they were before they were amputated. Her left hand was necrosing so badly before the amputation it was curling into a tight fist. She often feels her hand is in a super tight ball and she can't expand it. Super wierd. Anyway, interesting topic. Her other visit was today with her prosthetist. She got things tightened up on her lower prosthesis(s). She is really starting to walk great, in small amounts. She is starting to really let go of the walker and use just a cane more and more. I will post picutres when I can. Again, thanks for all the meals and support. It is much appreciated!!!



A New England Life said...

You do such a wonderful job updating your blog. Carol seems to be doing quite well and it's always nice to see the progress she has made.

I know there must be days when you are so exhausted, as is the rest of the family. My best to you all in dealing with the daily challanges and joys life brings.

Fede y mamá Jesi said...

Scott, please send hugs to Carol, I always read your blog, waiting for updates, I hope the drugs will ease Carol's pain.

Jesica from Argentina

byLGD said...

Scott, it's wonderful news about letting go of the walker and using a cane, way to go CAROL! :)

If you have a P.O. box address or address where gifts can be sent, could you post it sometime? thanks so much!

laurie eller

Scott & Carol Decker said...

Laurie, gifts and things of the nature can be sent to 1120 Cole Street
Enumclaw, WA 98022


Scott & Carol Decker said...
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Ally Van Leuvan said...

Hey Scott,

Nothing like a positive attitude, and some determination!! You guys are amazing.

We are so glad to hear that Carol is getting around easier. The pain will subside....but it sure stinks when Carol is having it.

Thanks for your update.

Ally & Pete

marie bailey said...

Hey Scott and Carol!!!

Thanks so much for the update. Always praying and thinking of you guys. Stay strong, praying your pain will go away.

Much Love,

The Noels said...

Hello Scott and Carol,
I wanted to pass along some information and might help Carol out. My dad lost his leg 5 years ago below the knee. I told him about Carols phantom pain what his suggestion is ( due to his experience ) she needs to use her muscles in her extremities. For example close your eyes and move your finger and toes, wrist and ankle. When your eyes are shut your mind sees your extremities so you can move and use them. From what I have also heard from his leg Dr is that some of his patients actually hold there missing part. My dad would have a itch on his rt foot so he asked his prosthetic Dr what he can do well Greg told him to itch it. Carols mind can do wonders and you both have seen. My dad to this day can move (his toes and rotate his ankle)his mind tells him that its still there so he moves it of course there is nothing there but his mind senses it.

Hope this helps

heather h said...

Hi Scott,

A friend's father lost his arm when an alligator attacked him a few years ago. He has traveled often to Brazil and started using their Acai berries for phantom limb pain. According to my friend it is quite excrutiating, and his dad feels great relief with acai berries. He orders the berries fermented, I believe, however they aren't so much like wine or anything like that to give him any type of head change. Perhaps that could help your wife? I hesitate to offer any type of home remedy, but his dad is a real person with real phantom limb pain, and just maybe it could help Carol.

Our local grocery sells all kinds of things with acai berries, but I'm making a guess they aren't too concentrated as his dad continues to order from Brazil. A google search might help!

I've followed your family's story and am praying for you all. I hope Carol's pain goes away soon.

Patty said...

Scott, My heart goes out to your little family. I lost my leg 5 years ago, first bellow the knee then above, but thankfully my children were grown. For fantom pain you can gently scratch somewhere on the opposite side of the body. Another thing is to take a soft terry towel and gently rub the end of the stump. Those nerve endings react like electric current. You have to find away to break the current. I read on the amputee website that I visit someone said to say stop out loud and it works. In a book I read it said to take warm baths or swim. I can't try this one because I don't have the strength to get out of the tub. I take showers on a sliding bench. I am about to cry writing this. But wanted to say bravo for you for being such a good husband. My husband is the same. So good to me, he has picked up on the things I did before this. Anyway. God Bless you and Carol and those sweet babies. Patty

Shane and Michelle said...

Thanks for the updates Scott. I've never met your wife..not yet, anyway! One of these days.. when I come up for a visit to Enumclaw I would like to meet her. She's amazing and strong and Scott you are too! Your babies are so unbelievably adorable. Chloe is one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen. Safiya is getting cuter and cuter, every time I see her! I love that picture you posted of Carol before this all happened. It put a smile on my face. I know that one day all the members of her body WILL be restored to her. Feel free to share pictures of her anytime! Carol is beautiful, sweet and inspiring to me. Seeing her smile in the latest photos makes me happy. Knowing that she is in pain and what she has lost makes me sad...many tears have been shed in her behalf, and even some sleepless nights (in the beginning. I couldnt' stop waking up, thinking of and praying for her. Indeed our whole family experienced this in the beginning. Though i want this trial taken from her, I trust in God and believe that everything happens for a reason. Already she has touched countless lives in ways words alone cannot express. I still pray for the Lord's tender mercies to continue to bless all of you.