Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, long time no post. Life has been a little crazy over the holidays. You would think I would have had more time to write, not less, but that han't been the case.

Today is Chloe's 2nd birthday....she keeps getting fireworks on her birthday!!

So what's going on with Carol and the family the last couple weeks. Carol's left arm after her revision, hasn't quite healed up all the way, and I want her to have the hand surgeon at Swedish to take a look again. Part of the suture line reopened, and even with the aid of butterfly bandages and other special dressings, it hasn't seemed to close all the way yet. It was hurting her for a bit, so I got her on some antbiotics just in case. A couple weeks ago, Carol burnt her right middle finger. Totally my fault. I made her a hot pockets, and apparently the center of it was way to hot, although it was still edible. In any case, we hadn't noticed the burn on the finger (she can't feel it) until she began walking later in the day, and she noticed her hand felt wet. She got a blister from her finger nail, down to the first knuckle. Like a 2nd -3rd degree burn/blister. Luckily we are experts on this sort of thing now, and it is healing as well as can be expected. We got her a proclined excercise bike and a super fancy computer for xmas. With the computer she can talk to it, it can talk to her. We have not yet begun to get into all of it's capabilities. Her spirits throughout the break have been up and down. The week of xmas itself we went up to a cabin near crystal mountain with the girls, Heath, and Carol's mom. It was a hard week for everyone. Shawn's birthday was supposed to be on xmas day, and this was the first year without him. So overall that whole trip to the mountain, didn't quite feel like xmas for all of us. I think we have all agreed to do something more conventional for us next year. Visually, Carol has been having alot of "hallucinations" lately. Doing a bit of research and from what the neuro opthomologist told me at Swedish so many months ago, this can be common. I think it is called Charles Bennet syndrome or something. Gotta get to work.. i will try and post some pictures of the last couple weeks tongiht!!



*Lissa* said...

Happy Birthday to your little girl! And Happy New Year, I hope it brings you, Carol, and your family peace and happiness.

Fede y mamá Jesi said...

Happy new year to all of your family. I hope this 2009 brings Carol lots of health improvements. And may all her wishes come true.

Jesica from Argentina

Val said...

Thank you for posting-you do not know who I am, but I am always praying for your family.

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Thanks for the update, Scott! We'll try to give you guys a call this weekend.

Love you,
Ally & Pete

Shannon Harris said...

Thanks Scott for posting!! Happy Birthday to your sweet 2yr old! I check your blog often for updates- even though I don't know ya'll, I almost feel I do! I hope this yr brings a lot of good changes and many many blessings to your family!
Shannon from GA

Heather said...

Carol, you and the girls are so beautiful! I was glad and excited to find your blog through Candie's blog and hope 2009 is full of triumphs for all of you!!

Scott, I am so glad that Carol has such great taste and chose such a caring Man for a husband and father of her children. :) You are doing a great job caring for Carol I can tell. Keep up the good work and may God bless you all!!

Heather Brady Winters (Carol and I were neighbors and were in Elementary School and 6th grade together before my family moved)