Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well quickly we are approaching the 1 year mark since all this began. We are trying to think of all the positives...for many reasons, but mostly for Safiya. She will be 1 next Wednesday. We are having a bday party at the house this Saturday...Frankie's and family/friends and one of those air/balloon castle things, that also has a waterslide....should be cool, although it sounds like it might not be as sunny as we once thought. Any one who want to say hi and see our progress...feel free to stop by and say hello, if you know where we live. Should be plenty of pizza. I can't remember if I posted it, but Carol still hasn't gotten her legs yet. She is supposed to get them next Wednesday, the 10th, on Safiya's birthday. She got to really try them at her prosthetist last Friday. She got up and walked very well right from the get go. Most of Carol's Physical Therapy has been on hold for more than 2 months. She has been having much hand therapy for her right hand, and has really enjoyed that. She does still work out at the house 1 hour per day or so. She has ab's of steel. It is amazing the amount of mid and lower body strength it takes to an amputee. Her new legs are neat. The come up a little higher....above the knees. The keep her from hyper-extending her legs, which she had a habit of. The feet themselves are super neat, and allow her to flip-flops, and heels if she wishes. Something she has been bugging her prosthetist from the get go.




A New England Life said...

Hard to believe it's been almost a year and that Safiya will be celebrating her first birthday next wednesday. Your family amazes me with it's strength and determination. Wishing Carol all the best with her new legs.

Benny and KariAnne said...

So many good things! Sometimes its hard to focus on the positive, and I think you guys could write a book at how well you do that.

Happy Birthday to Safiya!

Rebecca and Mike Middleton said...

That is so awesome! Please post pics of those new fabulous legs! love they way heels and flip flops sound :)

Rebecca and Mike Middleton said...

That is so awesome! Please post pics of those new fabulous legs! love they way heels and flip flops sound :)

hatch said...

Wow I cannot believe Safiya will be turning a year. Happy Birthday Safiya! It sounds like she is going to have a very fun birthday party!
I am excited that Carol will be able to wear heels and flip flops if she wants to.
This past year your family has touched so many. I am in constant awe of you two,and all you do. You are a true testiment to me of being positive and dealing with all the life hands you.

April said...

I came here via the CJane blog and read your entire story from last June to present. Your family is so beautiful and inspiring. I have two boys, nearly the same ages as your girls and can't even imagine being in your situation. I am in awe of you and Carol and hope for only the best in your future. I sent a small amount via paypal, and so wish I had more to send. Hopefully soon I will be able to.

All my best,

Reenie said...

WOW! It's hard to believe that it's almost been a year.

Happy Birthday Safiya:)

Congrats on the new legs Carol and all the progress that you have made.

You and Scott continue to amaze me. You have a beautiful family.

God Bless ~

Anonymous said...

Good luck Carol and Scott. My prayers are with you.

JJSchermerhorn said...


this is where i first heard you story-she is giving that auction a big shout out!

some amazing ladies who i enjoy peaking in on to see just how they are doing!

Scott & Carol Decker said...

the cjane run blog is pretty cool!! thanks for the support

Candie said...

Happy Birthday to Safiya!!!! I can't believe it's been almost a year! That is so cool that Carol will be able to wear flip flops!!!

Take care! :-)

sara koen said...

hey scott and carol,

sorry, i've been a few days without internet...so i had to catch up with the blog after catching up with you, scott, during your visit. it was so, so nice to see you.

the pics are adorable. carol looks great. chloe is a doll as always, and safiya is so big! look at her sitting up and getting teeth to boot!

go carol for doing abs of steel! and i hope your new legs are all that you need them to be. we love and miss you guys.

sarapoe said...

You two never cease to amaze me! You have really changed my life...I'm blessed to know you both. I am looking forward to hearing about all the progress the next year will bring. Thank you for sharing with us!! Happy Birthday, Safiya :)

the watkins said...

I also came from CJane. I am so impressed with your family. You are truly inspirational. I hope you have a wonderful b-day celebration.

Karen Foster said...

Happy Birthday Safiya!!
And Carol you inspire those of us that do not know you personally. Keep up with your progress and I do not pray much but I do pray for your eyesight to return.
Hats off to your husbands strength too!

Aly Caff said...

Flip flops and heals are wonderful!! post pics! happy b-day to Safiya!!