Sunday, June 28, 2009


Busy weekend and fun weekend. We got to go to a couple birthday parties, and I got to go to a Sounders game....I had no idea we took soccer so seriously here....I am impressed. We also went to the zoo on Thrusday. Chloe loved it so much, on Friday morning she threw a fit because she couldn't go see the lions and monkeys again. The whole time at the zoo, we would see one animal and she would say neato, but where are the lions and monkeys. Finally we saw some monkeys, and she says "where are the lions". Once that girl gets her mind set....:). At the bday party we went to tonight, Carol had to make a tricky entrance to the party...but did pretty well. More updates to come..... Thanks to all who helped us have a great weekend.


Stephanie said...

Happy you all had a great weekend. The pictures are great. Funny about the lions....Perry's FAVORITE animal is a lion since we went to the zoo in the spring. He sleeps with it every night and it was one of Stella's first words!!!

Ally Van Leuvan said...

Wonderful to hear you guys had such a great weekend! It's nice to see the sun shining in your pictures. We are having Seattle winter weather here. :(

Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Ally & Pete

Benny and KariAnne said...

Carol's hair looks great! Even thicker even since Kim & I came back a few months ago. Is that those fancy legs I see back there? So awesome!

Chloe, you can have my share of the monkey viewing...I'll be skipping those filthy beasts. Icky things they are.

Fabulous to see a great time had by all!

Kellie said...

so great to see you having fun, thank you for sharing!

Julieann said...

I so look forward to your updates on your family, and when you post pictures that is such a blessing. Thank you so much for letting us know how you and Carol and the children are doing. How is Carol's computer working out?