Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So time to update:)
Carol is telling me what to put on this post. So for halloween the girls went trick or treating down our street both dressed as butterflies. They got to learn all the in's and out's of that; like we only know on doors with lights on, and we only take 1 piece of candy, not a handful.

Throughout October and November Carol was very busy with therapies at home, as her formal in house rehab we knew was coming to a close at the beginning of December. She spent the majority of her therapy the last couple months working on learning how to cook/work in the kitchen. She has made dinner several times now...which is great. Today, with our nannies great help she hosted a lunch party where she made salads and soup for all of her therapists.

We had a great thanksgiving at our house and at one of my brothers. I got to learn how to cook all the stuff with Carol's direction and her mom's help...turned out good. For me, work has been going very well, and been very rewarding.

Carol's right hand continues to get more function, although far from the way it was....she is continuing hand therapy in our hometown. Carol got a new electric wheelchair, although she only really uses a chair if she goes to the mall or long distances. We are turning kind of a new page in her recovery being done with the all day rehab. She plans on making new different goals, bigger goals. Getting back into the snow somehow, going on walks by herself, maybe getting a dog to help. Figure out ways to teach the girls. She can do so many things with them from changing Safiya's poopy diapers to bathing them.

Chloe turns 4 in a couple of weeks....she is doing very well. The girls in general are getting along sooooo much better. It's like Chloe all of a sudden realized Safiya is going to be around for awhile so why not play with her all the time. Safiya is talking alot, and has developed into a little kid instead of a baby. I guess she came out of her bedroom today, looked at Carol and said "what happened to your hand".....every started laughing and she replied " I am cracking you guys up". She is going to be the class clown. Safiya used the toilet for the first time last weekend, that we had seen anyway. It was rumored she had gone already. Can't wait for diapers to be over....never thought I would have changed as many poopy diapers as I have. The girls still do kindermusick every week in town. Chloe finished soccer, which she loved, and now is trying gymnastics, which she really likes.

We got the xmas tree up the day after thanksgiving....light around the house this weekend?!?

thanks for all support the last couple years.

The Decker


Candie said...

That is wonderful news Carol! How exciting that you got to have a luncheon! I love you and think of you everyday, and you continue to be in my prayers! Have a wonderful Christmas and Fab- New Year Decker family!

Julieann said...

Thank you so much for the update! You and your family are always in my prayers, and it sounds like everyone is doing well:) Have a wonderful Christmas!



Butternutsage said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!! I have missed hearing what has been going on. Carol, I am amazed at your courage and check on this blog each day to read of your successes. You are such a remarkable individual. Little Safiya is a hoot!!!! Please do not wait too long next time you blog....we would love to hear of your Christmas. Blessings to you Scott and Carol.
Donna from Massachusetts

Kellie said...

What a great update! Carol you are as usual an inspiration! Still wish we lived closer and could hang out. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season ~ I'm betting Chloe will be really into it this year!!

tricia said...

I have never met either of you, but you are both such an inspiration to me. I have been reading your blog for the last couple of years and I always feel strength from your courage and faith. Merry Christmas to your wonderful family!!

Ro's Lumpy Breast said...

Thanks for posting. I love hearing all the great news. I am so glad things are going so well. You are one amazing person Carol. And you husband is also very amazing. So happy you are all doing so well.

Sarah Weiss said...

I heard about you through Nie Nie Dialogues a couple years ago, and I wanted to check up and see how you and your family were doing. I'm so glad that you have progressed so much. I find it awe-inspiring and I'm so happy for you. You both are amazing individuals. May god bless you as you continue in your journey.
Sarah from Utah